Information for sponsors

Thank you for becoming valued partner of conference RISK 2022.

Full conference agenda is available here 

Below we prepared a set of information that will help you prepare better for the event.
Please, kindly carefully go through all the below points and act accordingly to instructions.

Please, also check the Terms and Conditions written at the last point below!

Summary of important tasks & deadlines

From 1st of June 2022, 8:00 till 2nd of June 2022 evening time.
Advised arrival to the venue is on 31st of May, and departure on 3rd of June.

Full conference agenda

The event is taking place at the city of Lasko in Slovenia

You need to book your room – if you are quick enough, you can stay at the venue hotel, otherwise there are also other accommodation options.

There are 3 airports in similar distances from the venue – between 95 and 120 km / ca. 1,5h drive.
  • Ljubljana (SI)
  • Graz (AT)
  • Zagreb (HR)

There is highway almost the whole way from Ljubljana and Graz to Laško, while from Zagreb to Laško there is much less highway, but the roads are in general in fine condition and driving is safe.

If you feel like driving, rent-a-car could be the cheapest option, while, if you prefer taxi, we suggest that you book it up front, preferably with the hotel, not to take a random cab waiting at the airport.

You can book the taxi through the hotel via email

Expected fares
Lasko – Brnik Airport:
– car for up to 3 people: 90,00 €
– van 4-7 persons: 110,00 €
 Lasko – Zagreb Airport
– car for up to 3 people: 100,00 €
– van 4-7 persons: 130,00 €
The reservation should include:
– Transportation route
– Arrival / departure date
– Guest name
– The number of persons
– Vehicle type: van / passenger
– Language
There might also be a connection via train, as there is a train station directly in Laško, but there are no train stations directly at the airports, so this is less convenient.
Please, kindly register representatives of your company, as sponsor, via online 0-value purchase of the RISK DELEGATE TICKET.
Depending on your sponsorship package, you can have presentation(s) in plenary and/or breakout sessions of the event and/or also technical workshop(s) during breakout sessions.
Rough timings are the following:
– Plenary sessions: 1st of June before noon and between 15.00 and 17.00 and 2nd of June before noon
– Breakout sessions: 1st of June between 12.00 and 15.00 and 2nd of June between 13.00 and 15.00
All slots are 30 minutes, including intro and setup. You are responsible to bring your presentation with you and test it in the appropriate hall during break before your session.
Please, provide us with presentations and technical workshop details via forms at the below links by CoB 11th of April 2022 the latest.

Agenda will be published after we will receive all needed information from all sponsors.

Your sponsorship package might include also one of the below listed booths. Those are located in the networking areas in front of presentation halls, where all breaks (except lunch) are taking place.

  • S (est. 1-2m2*): expo counter, electricity, WiFi access and place for 1 pull-up (max width 1m)
  • M (est. 3-4m2*): expo counter with 1-2 bar chairs, electricity, WiFi access and place for 1 pull-up (max width 1m)
  • (est. 5-6m2*): expo counter with 1-2 bar chairs, table (roughly 140 x 50 cm) with 2 standard chairs,  electricity, WiFi access and place for 2 pull-ups (max width of both pull-ups together is 1,6m)
  • XL (est. 7-8m2*): expo counter with 1-2 bar chairs, table (roughly 140 x 50 cm) with 2-4 standard chairs, electricity, WiFi access and place for 3 pull-ups or 1 wall (max width 2,5m), other equipment per special agreement
  • XL Premium (est. 7-8m2*): premium position, expo counter with 1-2 bar chairs, table (roughly 140 x 50 cm) with 2-4 standard chairs, electricity, WiFi access and place for 3 pull-ups or 1 wall (max width 2,5m), LCD TV
  • XXL (est. 9-10m2*): expo counter with 1-2 bar chairs, table (roughly 140 x 50 cm) with 2-4 standard chairs, electricity, WiFi access and place for 3 pull-ups or 1 wall (max width 2,5m), LCD TV, other equipment per special agreement

To stress, this is NOT a classical booth in form of a cubicle with walls etc., also there are no booth numbers. This is an open space with the above listed equipment allocated to you. Here are two samples of booths from previous years. Then the setup was a bit different – with club tables, sofas and no expo counters – but it should be enough to get you the idea. 


Additionally to the expo counters, booths are branded only with expo wall or pull-up(s), optionally a table cloth can be used, but no other printed branding options are available (or needed).
Expo counters (shown on the picture below) will be branded with your logo, as provided.
If you would like to use your own branding, feel free to send us graphics (digital file only, we will take care of printing) in dimensions 90 x 180 cm (H x W) + min. 5mm bleed, but this must be delivered  by 6th of May the latest.
Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, your pull-up(s) or wall must be provided by you!
Booth lead capture
There will be an option to use mobile app to capture the leads you will encounter at the booth. The app will require an Android phone (iOS is not supported!).
This is the application – ensure it is compatible with your device.
Networking area is planned to be ready on 31st of May in the afternoon.

We will deliver up-front delivered materials to the booths, but you are responsible to set up the booth either on 31st of May late afternoon/evening or on 1st of June morning, before 9.00 am.

*Estimation only,  the actual booth size can vary depending on the total space available. 

We suggest to try utilising digital documents, but you might want to have a small amount of printed materials, if you have a booth.
We strongly encourage you to allocate interesting marketing goodies (see RISKO section below for details) to help you in promoting your company.

RISKO program is designed to increase interactivity between participants and you, on site of the event.

On short, it includes conference money, called RISKO, that participants get for interacting with you and then they can spend it for fun and rewards.

And what is needed from you in order for this program to work?
a) Allocate rewards in the following manner:
  • more small branded goodies to be used at booth,
  • some medium size branded reward(s) (suggested value in range of >20 EUR per item) to be used in RISK shop,
  • at-least 1-2 bigger rewards (minimum suggested value 200 EUR per item) to be used for raffle & auction.
b) Talk to the people, be interactive (emails can wait, people at the event will not 🙂)!
If you are wondering what to bring  – well, there can never be enough of tech gadgets for our profile of participants. Gadgets can either be of business nature like USB stick, hard drive, (wireless) keyboard and/or mouse, headphones, webcam… but can also be of fun nature like remote controlled vehicle of some kind for example, or smart home device, smart or even regular watch,  picture frame (digital, of-course :),  or maybe home security item like surveillance camera. Or, if you want a safe bet, just take a Amazon voucher and let the people decide alone what they want. We hope these ideas will help you, but, whatever you choose, bare in mind that people will connect your brand with the goodie they will get from you – so, better invest in quality then quantity!
All those goodies and rewards will be used for better promotion of your company and your better interaction with participants (hence better ROI!).
Please, kindly inform us up front of rewards you would allocate for the auction, so we also advertise you as supporter of this humanitarian initiative.
Any physical materials that you would like to use at the event should be delivered directly to the venue the latest by Friday, 27th of May 2022 (shipment to arrive to the venue).
Visibly mark the outside of the boxes with your company name+ a sign “RISK 2022”and send them to:
Zdraviliška cesta 6
3270 Lasko
+386 3 423 2000
Please, DO NOT address the shipment to any person (for example to your representative that would be present at RISK) as in this case the package might get rejected or lost. Use “RISK conference” reference instead, please.
IMPORTANT: If you are planning to send your shipment from outside EU, please, consult with us before doing so.

We strongly recommend that you prepare some incentives to offer to the participants in order to increase interest in you/your solutions.
Those incentives can be in terms of additional discount, extra months of support, “2-for-1” or “3-for-2” and alike promos, extra free license of X with purchase of license Y etc.

Then, do not forget to promote this prior to the event!

In order to maximise interest of participants in your presence at the event, we suggest that you use the pre-event time wisely and prepare your personal invitations with details about your sessions, your special presence with any special activity you are planning on-site etc.

If provided to us, we can help also in spreading your invitation via RISK communication channels.

You are also encouraged to include RISK in the list of your events or other means your company has to promote the activities you are taking place in. For this you might also want to use RISK conference logo.

RISK networking place is the place, where the magic between people happens, resulting in great friendly bonds, that build the base for great partnerships and businesses. And in order to attract attention and keep the participants engaged at your booth, we recommend that you utilise some sort of engagement tool, preferably of fun nature.

Why not to host a fun and competitive video game…

tasting of some special drinks…

…create a cozy summer vibe…

… or come up with any other engagement idea of your own!

Contact us to help you achieve your ideas!

Presentations in Main Hall will be broadcasted from dedicated (Windows) computer, so please, bring your presentation on a USB stick, readable by Windows, and arrange it will be uploaded and tested in the break section.

IMPORTANT: Gala Hall unfortunately only has a projector with VGA connection, hence you will need appropriate adapter to connect your laptop. However, there will be a computer in this hall, connected to the projector, so you are welcome to use it.
In all other halls you will need to use your own laptop. 
Blue presentation hall is equipped with projector with HDMI connection and the workshop halls (Red, Orange and Green) will be equipped with a Clevertouch 86″ interactive TV, also with HDMI connection. If your laptop does not have a HDMI output, please, make sure you have appropriate adapters with you.
Presentations in Main Hall must be prepared in 16:9 format, while the same is recommended for all other halls. We also recommend to keep the font size on your PPTs above 14pt, just to make sure it is visible,
There is a high-capacity WiFi and also dedicated UTP connection in all halls, presentation halls also have sound systems to connect to (microphones and sound connection for laptop), while halls for technical workshops do NOT have a sound system. If you have some other special request regarding your presentation, please, let us know asap and we will check if we can somehow help you.

We at Real security are fully committed to do everything that is in our power to execute the event physically in a responsible and safe way for everybody and not to virtualise it. Let’s all hope situation will allow us to keep this commitment also in 2022.

Currently there are not restrictions in place either to enter Slovenia or the venue, except of the masks – but we are optimistic that also this will not be mandatory anymore by June. 

However, those restrictions are constantly changing, so, please, follow official info from our Government about Covid-19 related regulations.

Slovenia border crossing

Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections in Slovenia 

Your main point of contact during preparation of the event regarding all above topics is:

David Ivacic

phone: +386 2 234 74 73
mobile / imsg / WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram: +386 40 62 36 36
skype: davidivacic

We will advise about on-site contact during the event at later stage.

The subject of these Terms and Conditions is Conference RISK 2022, organized by Real security d.o.o., Žolgarjeva ulica 17, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia (Oganizer) planned to take place physically in Laško, Slovenia, on 1st and 2nd of June 2022 (Event).

There are limited number of different sponsorship packages available for the Event and the Organiser may at its own discretion conclude sponsorship contracts with several different companies.

To become a Sponsor of the Event, a company must pay a Sponsorship Fee to the Organiser, that will issue an Invoice for the amount of agreed Sponsorship Fee to the Sponsor. Sponsor is obligated to pay for the Sponsorship Fee up front, at-least 2 weeks before the actual execution of the Event, unless otherwise agreed.

The entitlements covered by Sponsorship Fee are subject to sponsorship agreement between the Organiser and the Sponsor, but for avoidance of doubt, unless specifically otherwise defined in sponsorship package or additionally agreed, the Sponsorship Fee does not cover travel & accommodation costs, production of Sponsor specific branding materials, any giveaways, shipping costs for delivery and return of any materials to and from the event venue, hiring additional staff, like promotors, or any other costs incurred by the Sponsor in using the sponsorship entitlements.

The Organiser commits to enable the Sponsor to execute its Sponsorship entitlements as per agreed sponsorship package (assign appropriate session slot(s) for presentations and/or workshops, provide booth space and equipment, tickets for participants, branding options, arrange catering during the two conference days) while the Sponsor agrees to execute their entitlements in a professional and agreed way, so that will not obstruct or in any other way interfere with other Sponsors and other program of the Event.

Should the Sponsor not make use of its agreed entitlements that were enabled by the Organiser, this shall have no impact on its Sponsorship Fee obligations toward Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right that, in such case, it can assign unused entitlements to other Sponsors at its own discretion.

Sponsor is allowed to use the entitlements only for the brand(s) up front agreed with the Organiser. Promoting any other brands will result in the right of Organiser to charge the Sponsor with additional Sponsorship Fee that Sponsor must accept to pay.

Organiser commits that the Event will be executed in physical format and will not be changed to virtual format, but reserves the right to postpone the Event at its own discretion to another timeframe in case of situation that would be unfavourable to execute the Event in physical format in currently planned time (force majeure).

Organiser reserves the right to terminate the sponsorship agreement in case Sponsor would not fulfil its obligations and would not rectify this in timely manner after receiving the notice from the Sponsor.

Cancelation of sponsorship contract by the Sponsor is not possible, unless in case when Organiser fails to fulfil its obligations toward the Sponsor. In case Sponsor would experience circumstances that would require such approach, it should contact the Organiser immediately to agree on possible solution.

As described in point 6, in case of force majeure, the Event could be postponed. The alternative date for the Event is set to 7th and 8th of June 2023 and the Sponsor of the Event fully commits to also participate at those new dates as otherwise agreed for the June 2022 dates, under condition that the Organiser is able to ensure to Sponsor the same terms as agreed for June 2022 (excluding the term of the date of the event). If Organiser cannot ensure the same terms, the Sponsor has the right to cancel the agreement with neither party having the right to claim any retribution from the other party.

All elements of the Sponsorship agreement between the Organiser and the Sponsor are highly confidential and may not be shared with any other 3rd party, unless specifically agreed beforehand between both parties.

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