Risk conference 2023

Cyber &
IT Security Conference

Join the cybersecurity community at RISK 2023 in Laško, 6th – 7th of June.
Attend inspiring Keynotes, expert-led track sessions, break out sessions, and much more. 
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Risk conference

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As the nature of threats changes, managing risk becomes increasingly difficult, made even more complex by current factors such as geopolitical issues, the rise of SaaS, economic conditions, and a blended work environment.

We will help you understand how to deploy new policies, technologies and methodologies to enhance fraud prevention, attack detection, response and recovery programs.

Our Previous Risk Conferences

Risk conference

Become a Superhero

Join 600+ heads of IT, CISOs, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT developers and architects, Security and IT managers, Systems and Network Experts, general business managers, government representatives and policy makers from major companies from almost all verticals such as retail, government, banking, insurance, manufacturing, service and information technology providers sharing the latest technologies and solutions on IT security field.

Get a close look on how to handle stagnation in security maturity and how to determine upgrades to you security approaches.

Risk conference

Your Chance To Become An IT Security Superhero

RISK is designed to educate on the latest developments in technologies, tools, techniques, market trends and best practices on a wide range of security topics and mission-critical operations; to establish networking opportunities for attendees and to have lots of fun while doing it.

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Congress Centre Thermana Laško, Slovenia is situated almost in the very heart of Europe and Slovenia. This peaceful town surrounded by hills and forests is a great place to visit. It has good connections with train, bus and road transport networks, enough parking spaces, a cozy congress venue, friendly people, tasty gastronomic offers, comfortable accommodation options, wellness facilities and nice nature.

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RISK Conference is not only about technology and business, it is also about doing something good for others, especially for those, that do not have the luck many of us have, to live a healthy life. And also to support the younger generations, growing up into great adults, able to achieve their life goals. Hence, RISK Conference is concluded with a charity auction, the financial outcome of which is then fully contributed for the good cause.

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Money, no matter what currency, can be backed by precious metals or other physical items of value. But not even one currency in the world is alike RISKO who is backed up by honor and and that’s why it’s priceless and conference RISK is the only place one can get it!

And not only that RISKO is backed by honor, it also has honorable cause – to help those in need of help.

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REAL security is a regional market leader in value-add distribution in the field of IT security. Its primary focus is developing, securing and optimizing IT networks and services through building of loyal and trustworthy partnerships in the Adriatic region, with over 20 years of experience on the market and in field.

Why come to risk

Get more insights from the field, expert knowledge, experience, and entertainment

Meet the Experts

Extended networking space, holding separate expo and showcase spaces will this year generate even more opportunities to meet the experts from world renowned and local companies and have more private talks and also demonstrations of their solutions.

Get More Knowledge

A series of different sessions, from plenary presentations to breakout sections for specific interest groups, like CISOs, banking security, data privacy, to interactive workshops will feature experts sharing fresh information about new technologies, techniques, market trends and best practices.

Mingle With Peers

Your peers can be one of the most valuable sources of information as they are working in similar surroundings and are having similar challenges, as you do. So, mingling and exchanging experience with them might give you just the right info to solve your challenge. Or simply just have fun with them!

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