Reboot, update and (re)connect

RISK 2021 will bring together CIOs, CTOs, bank CSOs, retailers, telcos, government, system integrators, IT consultants and the world’s top Internet security people. We will host internationally renowned and acclaimed speakers, offering first class training.

This year you really don't want to miss us going back to GOOD OLD TIMES and discovering the threats of what the future in IT Security withholds.

The biggest IT Conference in Adriatic
offers you much more than you could ever imagine

Risk Conference


Expand your knowledge through keynote sessions, interactive presentations, in-depth technical workshops, consultation with industry professionals and knowledge exchange with peers and other experts.
Meet professional experts.
Overview of new best practices and solutions.
One-on-one debate with representatives from leading IT security vendors.
Information exchange.


Each year we strive to provide a superb experience from all aspects to all visitors - be it with learning and networking opportunities, interactivity program, entertainment, late night show and more.

Experience 2021 Risk in the Good old times theme and learn about security threats of the future.


If you are ready to learn, network and enjoy, follow the link to attend and experience RISK conference on 12th and 13th of October 2021 in Slovenia.
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