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Conference RISK is not only about technology and business, it is also about doing something good for others, especially for those, that do not have the luck many of us have, to live a healthy life. And also to support the younger generations, growing up in great adults, able to achieve their life goals – whether this is just to be able to be healthy and live an ordinary life, providing for the family, or even to become a world class ski jumper.
Hence, event is concluded with a humanitarian auction, financial outcome of which is then fully contributed for the good cause.

About the organizations

Some people may say clowns don’t belong in a hospital. Children don’t either, clowndoctors would reply!

Clowndoctors are professional artists specialised to work in hospitals. They use their artistic skills to create music, sing, play tricks and improvise, in order to bring energy, life and courage into the everyday life of a hospital, and thus have a positive effect on a child’s hospitalization.

Red Nose clown visits are designed particularly for children in pediatric wards in Slovenia. However, clowndoctors also visit other institutions such as residential care homes and working centres for people with special needs, centres for residential care, work and occupational training of children with special needs, kindergartens, schools for children with special needs, and old people’s homes. Sixteen clowndoctors of the Slovenian Red Nose Society visit more than 30,000 children and adults per year.

Rainbow Fairy is a project of the waldorf kindergarden Mavrična dežela in Maribor, that helps and eases troubles of hospitalized children with their musical and drama shows, storyreading, finger games and workshops take the young minds in a different world, one in which they feel as if they are safe at home.


The skijumping section of the Smučarsko društvo Dolomiti continues the rich and 60-year active tradition of ski jumping in Šentvid at Ljubljana. As before, the non-profit organization is developing a new age of promising talent that follow the steps of their predecessors, among which are Slovenia’s most successful jumpers, such as Miran Tepeš (with a silver medal at the Olympic Games in 1988 in Calgary) and Peter Žonta (with a bronze medal from the Olympic Games in 2002 in Salt Lake City).


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