Our currency

RISKO is the official event currency that
can be obtained and used in many ways.

What is RISKO

Money is simply a medium of exchange. It allows people to store value in a symbolic way without having to carry around bulky or awkward items of actual value.

For example, many cultures throughout history have valued gold, silver or jewels. Today most of us don’t carry these items around to make payments. Why not? Gold and silver are heavy and in times like this we do not have a lot of jewels for spending  and jewels usually cannot be split up into smaller amounts. In general, these items are very impractical for use as a medium of exchange.

Instead of these historic forms of payment, people have invented the idea of stored value that is symbolic. For example, look at a U.S. Dollar or Euro. These are printed on paper and are not really worth anything other than the cost of the paper and ink. The metals used today’s coins are worth far less than the face value stamped on the coin. The value is completely symbolic.

There was a time when currencies were backed by precious metals. But ever since 1971, not one major currency in the world is backed by any physical item of value but RISKO who is backed up by honor and is priceless.

Just as humanity has moved away from currency backed by precious metals, we are also steadily moving to completely new currencies and also electronic currencies. Most national currencies today are “hybrid” currencies that exist in both physical and electronic form.

If current trends continue, there may come a day when physical currencies are no longer used. Some people are already there. Today, many people go through life without using physical money at all. They move their money around electronically, with credit cards, debit cards and even make electronic payments to pay all of their bills and debts.

What is it worth? How can I use it?

Otherwise than most currencies, RISKO is backed by honor and is priceless. It is a symbolic value store and its worth is determined by our users of RISK conference.

Our current goal is to convert RISKO into a real currency, money – like EURO or Dollar and at the end of the conference donate it to RED NOSES.

Red Noses Society is a society in the public interest in the area of health care and has the status of a humanitarian organization. It has been operating since 2003 and is part of Red Noses International, which brings together organizations of clown doctors in 10 countries (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia).

WHERE can I get RISKOs?

You will be rewarded in different ways with RISKOs. Here is a list of rewards for getting and spending:

HOW to earn a RISKO?

  1. On each presentation you will get 2 RISKOs (1 at entering the conference hall and 1 at the end of presentation when leaving the hall)
  2. For key note you will be rewarded 5 RISKOs,
  3. For visiting the booths from vendors, you will be rewarded for 2,
  4. For RISK IDEA board – 1 RISKO per idea (post it paper)

HOW to spend RISKOs?

  1. You can take part at Price raffle, every ticket costs 5 RISKOs and every ticket wins,
  2. At the end of the conference CHARITY auctions for RED NOSES, nbr. Of RISKOs, sky is limit