Our currency

RISKO is the official event currency that
can be obtained and used in many ways.

What is RISKO

Money, no matter what currency, can be backed by precious metals or other physical items of value. But not one currency in the world is alike RISKO who is backed up by honor and hence it is priceless and conference RISK is the only place one can get it!

And not only that RISKO is backed by honor, it also has honorable cause – to help those in need of help.

What is it then worth?

Despite the noble cause behind the RISKO, we cannot directly help with its value, hence it is our goal to convert RISKO into a real currency, money, Euros and donate those to organizations that try to make the world a better place, like Red Noses  – international society of clown doctors that help to keep smile on the faces of ill children.

How can I help in the cause?

All we ask from you is to be active at the RISK event. For your actions, you will be rewarded by RISKOs. Then, when you use the RISKOs to get rewards for you, you will automatically be donating! It’s that simple!

With this will be rewarded in different ways with RISKOs. Here is a list of rewards for getting and spending:

HOW to earn a RISKOs?

  1. Join and actively follow the presentations – you will be rewarded for paying attention!
  2. Visit the booths in the Expo area – each visit will get you rewarded!
  3. Contact and engage in conversation with representatives at the booth, they hold the key to the biggest earnings!

HOW to spend RISKOs?

  1. At the end of the second day of the event there is a traditional charity auction where you will get a chance to bid for really nice rewards. RISKOs gathered at the auction are then transformed into EUR and donated.
  2. After the auction, you will get a chance to spend any unused RISKOs at the RISK shop, holding many nice rewards.


Well, actually, there is – RISKO is also your ticket to RISK POKER game, where you can multiply the amount in your wallet and increase your chances for great rewards while having great fun with other RISK participants.