ThreatQuotient at RISK 2020: Cyber Threat Intelligence – Top Gun Style

Presentation abstract:

When Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” inverted his F-14 fighter jet and gave “the bird” to his Soviet opponent in the opening scene of 1986’s Top Gun, Cruise assured himself a lighthearted place in the history of the Cold War. What that scene also did, however, was provide one of cinematography’s great examples of a key concept of air-to-air combat: the OODA loop.

Special operations teams, for example, are known for their detailed planning, intensive training, and utilization of advanced technology. This effort goes far beyond “being prepared.” It is a conscious strategy to outpace the OODA loop of the opposition. Each element is designed to more effectively Observe the situation, Orient oneself or unit appropriately, Decide how best to maneuver, and take effective Action.

Security operations groups are facing a key change to how we implement cyber security: cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and threat intelligence management. While intelligence has been around for quite some time, the quality and quantity of CTI available to organizations, both commercial and government, is greater than it has ever been. The key, however, is to understand what CTI really is and how to best make it actionable within your environment.

The future of cyber security will be driven by a better understanding of the adversary, their motivation, intent, tactics, and infrastructure. The key question covered in the talk is how will organizations need to adapt to make the most use of this knowledge within security operations.

About the presenter:

Markus Auer
Regional Sales Manager – Central and Eastern Europe

Markus Auer (47) is a technology evangelist, speaker and security sales professional and joined ThreatQuotient as Regional Sales Manager in April 2018 where he is responsible for market development. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in IT Security.

Prior to that, Mr. Auer held other positions at ForeScout Technologies, Q1 Labs (now IBM) SourceFire (now Cisco), netForensics (now BlackStratus) and MessageLabs (now Symantec). In addition to his training as Industrial Manager at Siemens AG Munich, Mr. Auer worked as a freelance consultant for Novell and Microsoft.

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