Preliminary agenda

Risk 2023

Preliminary Agenda

Full Agenda will be published on the 11th of May 2023.

The event will start on  the 6th of June at 8.00 with a Morning reception followed by the Grand opening at 10.00.

After opening, the event will be kicked-off by a Keynote by a representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), coming from the USA.

Throughout the rest of the 6th and 7th of June, a series of interesting plenary and breakout sessions of various formats will take place.

The final, but very much anticipated session of the event, will be the presentation and roundtable discussion hosted by Gartner.

The event is planned to conclude on the 7th of June after 17.00 with a BBQ picnic.

Planned Plenary and Breakout Sessions

Listed in random order

The Cloud Might Be Just Someone Else's Computer, But Your Data Shall Remain Yours!

Why the attacker wins: three things our adversaries will do in 2023 to be ahead of us.

Good Enough Security Is Not Good Enough!

Cybersecurity Meets Resilience Thinking

Mitre Powered Threat Hunting – Quick Threat Resolution With NDR

The Reason Hackers Are So Successful And How To Stop Them

End Cyber Attacks - From Stuxnet To Cybereason

Meet The Fraud Matrix

Secure Service Edge – Lessons From The Field

Low-Code Automation Is Your Modern Soar

Remote Access Challenge - How To Replace Vpn In A Secure Way

Secure And Compliant Workloads Anywhere

Threat Exposure Management - Reduce Your Threats In 3-Easy Clicks

Slovenian Company Deploys Logrhythm’s Siem To Minimize Cybersecurity Risks

Securing Your Cloud Transformation With SSE / Workshop

Help SecOps relax with simpler security.

The start to true protection of your critical Infrastructure

Securing your identities from start to finish – a blueprint for a safer governance and administration of privileged and regular users.

How To Spot An Attacker In Your Network / Demo

Mapping out your XDR journey

Radware Defending Leading Regional Bank In Adriatic / Case Study

The Platform Built for Defenders – In Action / demo

Are you juggling multiple cybersecurity tools?

Benefits Of Swimlane Turbine

Zero Standing Privilege or Ephemeral Privileges: A better approach to privileged access management.

Act In Real Time To Fight Fraud

More sessions coming from Telekom Slovenia, Cisco, S&T Iskratel, Avola Solutions, Carbonsec, Pentera, NIL, Unistar Pro, and others. Stay tuned. 
The full agenda with the timeline is planned to be published in 1st week of May.

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