Orchestra Group at RISK 2020: “New attack-surface overview: The IoT and smart connected devices challenges around Enterprises’ airspace.”

An Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity dome that fills the IoT cybersecurity-gap

Presentation abstract:

We are surrounded by billions of connected devices.
The desire to have a modern, innovative work environment has brought these devices into organizations, and connected them to their networks.
They are the weakest link in the cyber-security chain.
This is where Harmony IoT comes in, providing an integrated security solution by:
• Providing full visibility of all connected devices
• Leveraging data science to ensure accurate detection of malicious activities
• Mitigating threats and neutralizing malicious activity in real-time
Harmony IoT protects the world’s most sensitive organizations including secured organizations (government, police departments), data centers, financial institutions, healthcare industries, manufacturing facilities, SCADA companies and more.

About the presenter:

Sales and Business Development person with a vision and understanding of global markets.
In the last 20 years has held different positions in hi-tech and multi-national businesses at both start-up and NASDAQ companies.

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