Netwrix at RISK 2020: Back to the Future: a Data Breach Prevention Plan

Presentation abstract:

Great Scott! Attacks are getting more frequent, more sophisticated and more costly every day. In this session, Dave will share a story about how a company he worked for was breached, and then you’ll travel back in time to see how setting up the right security measures could have saved it from all the financial loss, legal issues and reputation damage it suffered. Come learn from the mistakes of others so you won’t need a time machine to secure your critical information; instead, you’ll stay ahead of attackers.

About the presenter:

Dave Matthews is a systems engineer at Netwrix who specialises in security, governance and compliance and has a proven track record of delivering high-value, data-centric projects. He has deployed and integrated security solutions in a variety of industries, including financial, legal and manufacturing, and in a variety of locations, from central London to rural New Zealand.

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