MI-line d.o.o. is introducing AeroHive business communication solutions and security solutions from ECI Telecom.

MI-line will present AeroHive business data communications solutions, WiFi connections, and advanced authentication protocols and safe connection security mechanisms both at the office and between locations, with the variety of devices that we use in both the personal and business environments today.

The demonstration of the AeroHive equipment will include the following solutions:

  • Presentation of remote office with guest authentication using unique PSK keys for each guest and BYOD. Tunneling of guest traffic to a central location.
  • 1x authentication with integration of an active directory for employees, in which they can define various types of identities, through which each employee will have different priority levels and access to the internal network.
  • Application & Visibility Control on all AeroHive devices and at all locations (routers, switches and access points).
  • Demonstration of configuration and cloud management of switches.
  • WIPS (intrusion prevention system – both wireless and wired parts of the network).


Using ECI Telecom equipment MI-Iine will demonstrate mechanisms which reduce the risk of security incidents in critical infrastructure. The solutions are based on a central management system which gives system vulnerability warnings based on captured data.

The demonstration of the ECI Telecom equipment will include the following solutions:

  1. SCADA Anomaly Detection
  2. Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  3. Encryption on L2 of the OSI Model.
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