FireEye at RISK 2020: DEMONSTRATE CYBERSECURITY EFFECTIVENESS – Verodin Capabilities Live Demo

About the workshop (45 minutes):

Verodin empowers everyone — from the SOC, to the CISO, to the boardroom — to understand and improve their cybersecurity effectiveness. Finally, security can be quantified and measured across prevention, detection and response like every other metrics-driven business unit.
During Live Demo check out how Verodin SIP translates true cybersecurity effectiveness into actionable business insights. Let’s see how to:
• Identify cybersecurity gaps
• Determine which tools/controls are most and least valuable
• Expose overlap and confidently retire deadweight products
• Quantitatively measure improvement over time
• Ensure the business realizes the full value of its cybersecurity dollars
• Manage and communicate cybersecurity effectiveness based on quantifiable metrics
• Continuously validate and improve layered defense

About the presenter:

He gained experience during many integration projects regarding the implementation of IT Security Systems, Monitoring of Network&Application performance, as well as in the design of Data Center. He conducted implementation and training for the largest polish clients in the energy, financial and public sectors.
At FireEye responsible for the Eastern Europe region.

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