The official agenda for RISK 2018 is now available below.

Conference RISK 2018 will host many interesting companies and speakers that will give you a first person view of the new technologies and solutions, present real life use cases, local case studies and also address the global market challenges. All this will be done through a series of keynote speeches, company and solution presentations, interactive workshops, technical demonstrations and overall networking of all participants throughout the 14th and 15th of March 2018 in Congress Centre Thermana Park Laško, Slovenia.

Wednesday, 14th of March 2018 – Day 1 of RISK conference 2018

Cyber Security: The Strategic View
Kah Kin Ho, Director for Public Sector in EMEA
User and Data Protection
Stefan Maierhofer, VP of Sales for CEE
Future Proofing Security Operations
Martin Ohl, EMEA Solution Architect
Intelligence and Insights to prevent DDoS Attacks
Joseph Loveless, Director of Product Marketing, Security Services
Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Next-Generation Cyber-Defence
Roxana Dascalu, Cyber Security Account Executive
cPacket Networks
cPacket Delivers Next Generation Visibility and Forensics Platform for Security
How to build Security Operation Center
Peter Kunstat, SW Presales team
ADM Adria
Koliko so vredni naši podatki?
Nadzor nad dogodki v bazi podatkov
Tomaž Zavrl, Data Specialist
"selfi-eID." - Digital ID Self Enrolment System
You Talk – They listen! Why everyone should listen now before talking.
Jan C Wendenburg, CEO
Activate your Arcsight
Simon Simčič, Systems Engineer
Going beyond prevention
Smart security investing: change your game!
Jan Bervar, IT architect
Cyber-Security Pushed to the Limit
Carl Herberger, VP Security Solutions
DON’T PANIC! Digital signature even in outer space 🙂
Welcome to the world of PROactive Cybersecurity: Reduce your attack surface overnight.
Peter Schaudeck, Senior Channel Manager CEE
Cyber security and IoT risks (with live demo hack)
dr. Andrej Rakar, mag. Miha Ozimek and SIQ hacking team
SIEM Kung Fu
15:15Easy Solutions
Fraud Protection For Every Pocket
Matthew Platten, Fraud Solutions Consultant EMEA
S&T Slovenija
Tehnične rešitve, ki zagotavljajo skladnost z GDPR in EU NIS
Jure Pečar, Sales Manager Software Solutions in Miro Faganel, Sales Manager Network & Security
Why traditional WAF is not enough anymore: F5 WAF 2.0
Cut off the threat before it does damage; with Aruba networks Clearpass and Introspect
Igor Grčić, Territory manager for Croatia, CDG cluster of countries, Slovenia and Serbia
Information Commissioner of Republic of Slovenia
GDPR myths and truths
mag. Andrej Tomšič, Deputy Information Commissioner
16:40Network Critical
How to gain secure network access for security and monitoring
Bart Pellegrom, Sales Director - EMEA
All in one: recognize your online customers, their devices, detect cyber threats and fulfill RTS (PSD2) requirements.
Presenter: Peter Lakata, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
All session details are subject to change without notice.

Thursday, 15th of March 2018 – Day 2 of RISK conference 2018

9:30Telekom Slovenije
Operativno zagotavljanje kibernetske varnosti
Metod Platiše, Product Manager
10:00Ramses Gallego
Quantum Computing: A New Beginning
Just in Time Virtual Smart Cards
William Houry, Vice President of Sales
Complete security vision with Cybowall
Graham McIntyre, Channel Director for Europe and the Nordics
Journey to Risk Adaptive Security
Building an effective Cyber Security Platform
Michal Ostrowski, Regional Director EE, Russia & CIS
What do blockchain, IoT, cloud and the new payment vectors mean for your security?
Giles Townley, Director HSM sales
Easy Solutions
PSD2 Compliment Analytics
Hillstone Networks: Security that Works
Lingling Zhang, VP, Product & Marketing
Proaktivna zaščita pred naprednimi grožnjami - Avecto case study
Andrej Kreuh, IT architect
Aruba Clearpass: „Secure access for guest and corporate devices” I/II
What hackers can do with my web application
Peter Kunstat, SW Presales team
Check Point SandBlast: making hackers’ business unprofitable
Sergey Nevstruev, Threat Prevention Sales Manager EE
Aruba cont.
Aruba Clearpass: „Secure access for guest and corporate devices” II/II
Software-defined Web and Cloud controls - securing application infrastructure in multi-cloud environments
Jay Smith, CTO
Elektronska identiteta v luči nove zakonodaje o varovanju osebnih podatkov - primer iz prakse
Marko Šmid, CTO
Going beyond prevention
Protecting your Applications no matter where they live
Dino Novak, Territory Account Manager Adriatics
Unistar PRO
Uspešnost zaščite – RED.TEAM storitev
Marko Zavadlav, Head of IT security department & Boštjan Špehonja, Information Security Specialist
Cloud Workload Security
15:45Carbon Black
Carbon Black Defense - Case Study
Tomislav Andros, Principal Security Consultant, Diverto
cPacket Networks
cPacket Delivers Next Generation Visibility and Forensics Platform for Security
Ondrej Soukal, Business Development Manager
New devices: trends and challenge for mobile and wearable digital ID
Alfonso Tornatore, Vice President

Workshop descriptions

  • Aruba
    ArubaClearpass: „Secure access for guest and corporate devices”
    Description: Visibility. Control. Response. Malicious insiders and IoT-based attacks continue to grow, bypassing your perimeter security defenses. Learn how to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to your enterprise networks.
  • McAfee
    SIEM Kung Fu
    Need a more effective approach to detecting and investigating suspicious events to increase accuracy, limit risk, and compress incident response?
  • McAfee
    Cloud Workload Security
    Cloud Workload Security (CWS) addresses the problems of lack of visibility and control for multi cloud workloads. Gain visibility into east-west and north-south traffic to understand lateral threat movement.
  • F5
    Why traditional WAF is not enough anymore: F5 WAF 2.0 presented by Ana Perkov
  • FireEye
    Going beyond prevention
    FireEye Endpoint Security is an integrated solution that detects what others miss and protects endpoint against known and unknown threats. With FireEye Endpoint’s powerful single agent, analysts understand the “who, what, where, and when” of any critical endpoint threat, thus minimizing alert fatigue and accelerating response. The unified management workflow allows you to conduct detailed inspection and analysis of threat activity, and create appropriate responses in real-time.
  • Bit4ID
    “selfi-eID.” – Digital ID Self Enrolment System
    Yep!!! Finally, a self-certificate issuing system and a mobile oriented device to sign documents and authenticate users in mobility. The self-certificate issuing infrastructure – Having a large experience into the PKI universe and the generation/distribution of digital certificates, we implemented a seamlessly system carrying out such time/resources consuming tasks. Allows the self-certificates issuing, while sorting out all the problems related to the most common issuing systems (token/smart card distribution, logistic, document dispatch, certificates generation etc). A mobile solution – an innovative device/app that enables end-users to use qualified digital certificates with mobile devices (both Android and iOS). Able to store qualified digital certificate to be used with smartphone and tablets on the go and with standard PC (Microsoft, Mac, Linux).During the workshop we will be using a live production system that greatly simplifies the eID distribution. The “live” system will produce “live” qualified certificates that will be therefore used to demonstrate their genuineness.The running system will be connected to an eIDAS compliant TSP will issue qualified certificates into a Digital-DNA Key and therefore we will be signing a document via a mobile device and we will run a strong authentication to an Italian Public Administration service (not a mock-up service). It is not going to be a demo, everything will be authentic. From the “User” identification to the eID “selfie-enrollment”.
  • EasySolutions
    PSD2 Compliment Analytics
    EasySolutions offers a complet PSD2 Compliance package including Push 2nd factors, behavioral Partern recognition transactional analysis and Web session security. join us for a practical workshop regarding these all in one solution.
  • Microsec
    Digitally signing of multiple documents with PassBy[ME] technology? Come and
    see the process live!
    We also showcase issuing PSD2 specific qualified certificates for Payment
    Service Providers and presenting SCA functionality that provides
    non-repudiation and transaction integrity.

Demo room presentations throughout the conference

All session details are subject to change without notice.