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»RISK conference was a great place for presenting our approach to GDPR challenge. Recently I have heard the comment that “ GDPR tsunami is coming” and I believe that RISK conference is one of the places where this wave was initiated in South Easter Europe. Big impact for big opportunity!«
Izabela Sokołowska-Nowak, Channel Manager, CEE at Micro Focus


»Despite millions of dollars invested in security, we still daily learn about major organizations being breached. The industry is shifting towards an adaptive security platform, which is designed not only to detect and prevent where possible, but equally important to deal in real time with security incidents. We believe that security is about reducing the gap between incident and detection, analyzing and responding fast and accurate. RISK is one of the best security conferences in CEE and provides a great opportunity to meet the key organizations in the Adriatic region and discuss how we can help reduce this gap, from the EMEA average of about 100 days, down to minutes.«
Michal Ostrowski, Regional Director Eastern Europe, FireEye


We are finishing another strong year together again and we are already excited for the next RISK conference 2018. Cybersecurity is not standing still, so we are looking at a lot of new technologies and announcements at the next conference. I will be there, I hope everybody else will be too.
Mirko Ledić, McAfee Regional Director Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS