About The Event

From small beginnings to great heights

Doing business in a modern day has its challenges, requires daily sacrifices and continuous adaptation to the constantly changing situations, if we want to achieve mutual success with our customers and partners. This of-course requires a lot of knowledge, awareness, connections and also a lot of interactions between business partners. The mission of conference RISK, organised by REAL SECURITY d.o.o., is to bring exactly that – knowledge, awareness, connections and lots of interactions.

RISK was started with this idea already 16 years ago, but only as a small local IT event. Today it grew to the leading regional and multi-regional meeting of established IT security, business continuity/productivity and advanced solutions specialists, carefully planned and thoughtfully organised.
Event now hosts 600+ attendees from almost all verticals such as retail, government, finance, banking, insurance, and also people from SMB businesses in Adriatic region, that all benefit from the knowledge and experience exchange with local and international IT experts.

RISK 2022 goals

In the past 15 RISK conferences we got very positive response from the attendees and even in 2020, when we were forced to do the event virtually, the responses were off the roof. I heard somewhere a saying, that the year 2022 does not have a difficult job – just to be better then 2020. Well, one could say, that this is not a difficult task for us, since the event will be physical (in comparison to virtual 2020) and that is way better by default. But, rest assured, we will not settle for such easy way out.
Our goal is not to remind you how the good old times looked like, but to bring us all back to those times – to experience the rush of a real physical event with every part of RISK that our past attendees are familiar with already, but even much more!
We set our commitment to achieve this at RISK 2022 and hope, you will be there to experience this.
See you on 1st and 2nd of June 2022 in Laško, Slovenia.
David Ivačič, Head of the RISK Organizing Committee