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Who we are and what we do



REAL security d.o.o. is an engineering and distribution company focused on meeting the needs of business users. We provide the distribution of software solutions and engineering of complex computer networks for customers such as banks, government organizations, telcos and other commercial companies who need reliable and comprehensive well proven solutions.

REAL Security’s own and outsourced experts will provide a quality consultancy, design, construction and maintenance of complex computer networks and sophisticated software solutions. We have an experienced team that can provide complete solutions for data communication and integration of information systems.

As the general importer and distributor in the Adriatic Region we can offer high quality, reliable and tested solutions of the world’s most recognized companies.

Our professional expertise

  • Vulnerability and threat management: network intrusion control, security threats and countermeasures.
  • Network security: firewalls, VPNs, wireless networks, portable devices.
  • Data security and protection: database security and encryption, monitoring and auditing tools, security of mobile devices and operations.
  • Wireless security: wireless networks, security of mobile devices and operations.
  • Identity and Access Management: passwords, directory services, authentication, access control, single sign-on.
  • Web security: Web servers, browsers, URL filtering and content security, malicious code and spyware programs.
  • Secure Messaging: spam, viruses, encryption, email infrastructure security appliances, acceptable usage policy, instant messaging.
  • Application security: database and web application security, secure coding, URL and web content filtering.
  • Risk management: auditing, risk assessment, system analyzing.
  • Systems: comprehensive platform protection, penetration testing and ethical network hacking, operating system protection, data backup.
  • Forensics.
  • Professional development: career guide, certification, education.


Our mission

We are well aware of the importance of information access and business data to a company and the damage caused by unexpected intrusions or virus outbreaks. We know the needs of our customers and their desire for reliable connections and solutions, which need not be always expensive.

Our mission is to offer companies new solutions and to support already implemented products and services, to offer optimal consulting, adapted for the actual needs of a client. The diverse knowledge of coworkers and knowledge of new technologies can be successfully integrated in a business processes of any company. As a company that is aware of its presence and role in the local-Slovenian market, as well as the broader Adriatic region, we will provide for various humanitarian actions in the context of our media strategy.
Among our primary objectives is a well being of employees, their education and growth within the company, which offers a safe environment for their own business goals and personal growth.


Contact card

REAL security d.o.o.
Žolgarjeva ulica 17
2000 Maribor, Slovenia

+386 2 234 7474